Posted by: boncire | February 9, 2009

Check it out!!

Sonya Bonaire Andanaputri

You are Black Monkey, who has a pretty and a cheerful smile.
People depend on you for your kindness and the way you take care of them.
You don’t possess feminine emotional attraction, but you can make decisions calmly and efficiently.
You can go on living with patience.
You don’t have strong identity, you are straightforward person, and lead consistent life.
You will lead a happy and lively life if you put yourself as number two and work under someone.
You are not very good at reading other people’s mind, but you can have a relationship without making others incurring displeasure.
You tend to be rather nervous, and if you don’t try to relax, you will get mentally tired.
Although you are weak on instinct, you can carry out things rationally.
And in real life, you don’t get interested in hobbies and culture, but you seek for materialistic things.
Your objective in life is to lead a life for both personal interest and practical benefit.
You don’t like to loose, and because you put in great effort, you will not give up halfway and can be full of sprit.
But you can lack foresight and are not good at deep speculation.
You may be taken advantage of yourself.
Your cheerful and generous character is popular among men.

ini saya dapatkan dari Adhi, salah satu temen saya. penasaran?? silahkan cek di
selamat mencobaa!


  1. Punya gw gambar mbek xP

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